I find beauty in the least beautiful of things. That either makes me an artist, or a person of very poor taste.

Portland, Oregon.

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    seeking friends who like silent reading time, philosophy, outside all the time, yoga, picnics in the park, creating art, meditation, and honesty.

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Thierry Mugler’s Paris Apartment
"I don’t want real possession. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space - and to keep it as empty as possible."
Taken from Living Well: The New York Times Book of Home Design and Decoration, Ed. Carrie Donovan, 1981
 (via 2thewalls.com)

Dear Students,
Here is a simple animation in a simple hand done drawing style that does something not simple to me when I look at it. You can do something like this too, you know.
Professor Chewbacca
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Untitled by undergroundmess

Jim Shaw, True False Mirror, 1987-1989 (VHS videotape transferred to DVD)
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