learned lessons & questions: grey matter is all that matters when seeing life & death.
beauty is not always so pretty and darkness is damp and ready to reproduce when seeded in the womb,
light yourself aflame and i shall see thee seated in flowers, ready to blossom anew.
may i grow next to you?

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    I love my city.<3 
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    homosapien: You're from Oregon?

    Yes ma’am I am.(: Portland, of course!

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    The best birthday gift Portland ever gave me.<3
|by Terran Jorgensen|
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    Stop Eating Animals. by |Terran Jorgensen| 35mm
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    Autumn cleavage. by |Terran Jorgensen|
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    etch-a-sketch cat.
by |Terran Jorgensen|
    Oh, is it snowing in Portland? Well...

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    Photo of myself for good measure.
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    I remember when I first heard this woman in Franzen’s room.<3
Laura Gibson by Parker Fitzgerald on Flickr.

    Day 27: That heart crushing moment when the bus pulls up and the bike rack is full.

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    Day 28: When the bike rack is full and you race the bus to the 42nd MAX stop and cross your fingers until someone gets off and takes their bike with them. SUCCESS.

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    Day 33: If you don’t mind being photographed…you should let me photograph you…

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