learned lessons & questions: grey matter is all that matters when seeing life & death.
beauty is not always so pretty and darkness is damp and ready to reproduce when seeded in the womb,
light yourself aflame and i shall see thee seated in flowers, ready to blossom anew.
may i grow next to you?

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    Books let me escape, without the consequences of leaving home.
16/366 by Angélica Vis on Flickr.
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    A-frames are yummy.
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Skinnalón ll by alex omarsson on Flickr.

    Day 55: It’s weird.. I can be away from home and whatever loneliness or discomfort I feel, I presume as being a result of my environment,
    but then I get home and it doesn’t really change..
    It’s worse to feel lonely in your own house
    because a home is supposed to be comfort or something, I guess.
    Maybe I just have some skewed hope that those kinda things will go away
    if I cure it with the right place.

    I haven’t found it, or it doesn’t exsist.

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Guest House by SMNG-A Architects
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