learned lessons & questions: grey matter is all that matters when seeing life & death.
beauty is not always so pretty and darkness is damp and ready to reproduce when seeded in the womb,
light yourself aflame and i shall see thee seated in flowers, ready to blossom anew.
may i grow next to you?

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(by Lauren A. Lepore)
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    'Honesty\Honest tea\What's the difference?'
|by Terran Jorgensen|
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    wood fired teabowls by Niso30 on Flickr.
    Never has a more perfect photo existed.
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    Pretty dress.

IMG_7596 (by Heidi Systo)
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    I absolutely love this photo.

Disaster Was Written In My Tea Leaves by Boy_Wonder on Flickr.
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    If only.
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    Bach, or Handel? with Nathaniel Young.                 by Terran Jorgensen at Townshend tea.
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    Honey chamomile tea + agave nectar = cure-all.

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    How fitting!

Tea time
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