I find beauty in the least beautiful of things. That either makes me an artist, or a person of very poor taste.

Portland, Oregon.

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    I really REALLY miss Sundance. All the time.
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    LOOK AT HIS WORK. SO GOOD. I swear I’m not the only thing he takes photos of.

Terran has been dominating my blog recently. It makes me smile.
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    A-frames are yummy.
    I could live a life like this, I think.
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(by nikolinelr)
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    Down in a world full of up.

(by Sarah Hermans)
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Austria - Salzburg:Surrounded (by John & Tina Reid)
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    Good news is that I finally picked up my film and am happy with the results! I accidentally set the speed lower than what the film was so I was SUPER nervous that they’d all be washed out, but they aren’t!
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